Friday, January 13, 2017

Flora Supply Case

I finally got around to blogging this.  This is the Flora Supply Case pattern, by Clover & Violet.  I looked all over for the ideal pattern, I wanted to make something to hold diabetic supplies for my dear friend who had just been diagnosed with Diabetes.  I searched online and found that Tishia of  #tkinggae on Instgram had made one, and it was adorable.  I messaged her to find out what size, and she was very helpful.  To see her's click this link to her Instagram picture 

I found this amazing fabric from Meerkat Shewshwe's booth at the Creative Festival 2016.  I had never worked with this kind of fabric before, but the colors and textures were so unique I knew I had to give it a try.  This fabric is really hard to photograph, I can't quite capture the colors, and vibrancy. 

It was a fairly simple sew,  the hardest part was adding the zipper and bias tape around it, but just go slowly, perhaps start with a basting stitch????  It's not perfect but I was happy with how it turned out.

These were a few FQ's I got in the Hot Ice line, they're so pretty.   

Monday, November 21, 2016

Finley & Quinn--The Cozy Robe--Pattern Test

Finley & Quinn 
Blog hop & pattern review

This is yet another pattern test for Pollywoggles patterns.  I really have enjoyed making several of her patterns, some I have tested, others I have bought over the years.  Heidi really takes a different approach to her patterns, and tries to come up with something new and innovative.  I always learn something new, or try a new technique when sewing one of her patterns.

The pattern ranges in size from 12 months to 10 years old.  It is a unisex pattern that fits great for both boys and girls.  Some of the features I really love, the wide cozy collar!!!!  It lays so nice.  I also LOVE the fact that the belt is attached.  No more worrying about where the belt is tied to, arm, leg, doll, hanging from the bunk bed to climb up . . . you get the idea.  Also the pockets are great, they're on an angle so their hands can just slide in there, and keep all their treasures close at hand. 

This robe is comfy!  You can use basically any fabric you would like.  You can use Fleece, minky, flannel or other wovens.  I used a super soft cuddle fabric, similar to minky but thinner.  I found it was pretty easy to work with, and really gave a lovely drape to the robe. 

One thing I'd like to stress is that unless you're using a fabric that is going to fray DO NOT serge the seams.  The seams on minky/fleece are super soft and fluffy, once you serge them they became stiff and scrachy.  I know she says you don't need to, but I thought if I didn't I was 'cheapening out' so to speak, but after serging the side seams I realized what a difference it would make and didn't want to loose some of my cozy/comfy factor.

The pattern comes in several sizes from 12 months to 10 years, and she explains clearly how to merge sizes.  I made a 6/8 a 6 width with a 8 length.


 This pattern is being offered FREE, you read that right FREE for a limited time to anyone who joins her group  Pollywoggles Sewing Circle on Facebook.  Hurry because this offer is only good until the end of the year--Dec 31, 2016

If you're still on the fence, hop on over to these other lovely blogs!  They were lucky enough to be able to review this amazing pattern as well, and have shared their projects.  Too much coziness!!!!

First from our esteemed pattern designer Heidi
Pollywoggles Patterns presents Finley & Quinn

And my fellow pattern reviews from all over the globe.   

Lunatiek--Finley & Quinn blog tour
Biebiezonder-- Finley & Quinn pattern test
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Soul Fed on Thread-- Finley & Quinn pattern review

Here are some of my other favorite Pollywoggle patterns

I'll start off with my all time favorite dress pattern!!!!  
This is the Cecily Rose.  It even comes with a reversible version (didn't I mention she's clever?)

another reversible pattern, a great place for some holiday fabric 

I used some Christmas fabric on the back side, and She got to pick the fabric for the other side, of course it's pink!!! 
 Too get the Finley & Quinn Robe pattern, or any of her others, hop on over to the pattern shop!!!!  
or for a limited time get your free Finley & Quinn robe pattern at Pollywoggles Sewing Circle

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Goober Pea Boots -- Pattern Review

Goober Pea Boots

This is a pattern review for these adorable baby booties!!!!  The pattern was given to me, but the opinions are all my own.  Here is my Craftsy affiliate link if you're interested in the pattern.

Sometimes just picking out your fabric can be the hardest part, but this time I knew exactly what I wanted to use.  I've been hording this bit of fluffy pink minky for a while, waiting for the perfect project, and I found it.  I also made a few accessories, but I'll post about them another time.

First things first just cut everything out, I went with the batting as that was the recommended choice.  It gets caught into the seams and stays put nicely.  I forgot just how messing cutting minky can be...don't breath too deeply ahhaha.

The pattern has 3 sizes; 03-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months.  Keep in mind your fabric choices will change the fit a bit.   A fluffy minky like I used, will take up a bit more room, and you'll have a slightly smaller boot then if you had used flannel or cotton as the lining, just keep that in mind.

It looks rather complicated when you read through the pattern, but after a quick read through just get started.  If you follow each step in order, it will come together nicely, don't try to overthink it. 

The instructions are short and clearly written, the pictures are really where it's at.  I'm a visual learner so I appreciated how clear all the photo instructions are.

It comes together very quickly, and before long it starts looking like a boot. This is the top part, now for the soles.  I used the non-reversible instructions since I used the non-skid slipper fabric for the soles. 

Don't these look so cozy!!!!!  Now I just get to trim the seams and turn them out!!!!  Wow that was fast.  What a fun project.  Now I want to make more of them, but I'll have to check on the sizing first!!!

If you're interested in checking out some of her other patterns, pop on over to her FB page.  Keep your eyes tuned for a new pattern, that will compliment these boots perfectly
or her Etsy page if you don't want to make them yourself. 

Click the link to go get the pattern.  Goober Pea Boots Pattern on Craftsy

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

KAIA Mini Fabric Bin--Pattern Review!!!

I was given the opportunity to review the pattern for this adorable bin.  I did not pay for the pattern, but the opinions are my own. KAIA Mini Fabric Bin

These little bins are adorable, and a great scrap buster.  The first one took about 45 mins, from printing to pressing.  I had to print it out, tape it together, and read through the directions, choose fabric, and sew it up.  The next ones went a lot faster.

These would be great for Christmas gifts, filled with some candy canes (I didn't have any on hand).

The pattern calls for tracing paper, well I didn't have any, so instead I just cut out the zig zag on the top, and laid it down on the fabric, and traced it.  It worked really well, so don't sweat it if you don't have any dressmakers carbon paper.  

I made 2 of them with a heavier interfacing, and the Pug one with a lightweight interfacing.  It folded down easier, showed fewer creases, but wasn't as sturdy.  So it depends on what you want to use it for.  Personally I prefer it a bit stiffer, it held up the pencils and anything else, and will keep it's shape.

So if you're looking for a quick project, something to stock craft sales, teacher gifts, or a beginner sewing project, go check out these adorable KAIA Mini Fabric Bins

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Polaroid Quilt!-----Giveaway too

I first saw the Polaroid quilt squares on a Facebook sewing swap.  I thought they were so cute, and knew I had to make some.  I've also been interested in paper piecing. so I combined the two in several of my squares.  I was making a birthday present for a friend who was turning 50!  I wanted to combine all kinds of things she 'loves'.  She is a baker, so I had to have the cakes and mixer, she loves tea, and leaves, and her family.  So I included paper pieced initials, and even a camping trailer.

Here's some behind the scenes photos.  I had seen lots of tutorials on how to make the quilt blocks, but hardly any on what to do after.  Even in the FB swap group no one had actually put them together ahahaha, so I was on my own.

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram trying to decide which look I liked best.  I decided I only wanted 1 strip of fabric between the blocks, not 1 on each block.  I felt it looked cleaner and put the focus on the blocks.

Selecting your fabric is the hardest part, you need to have things the right scale, to fit your 2.5" viewing screen.  After reading a lot of tutorials and blogs, I found this awesome tutorial!!! Karla's over at Capitola Quilter had great tips, and I love the assembly line style she did, so much faster then pre-cutting and doing them all individually.  She also shows you how to do some fussy cutting.


Isn't this adorable!!!!  I fell in love with this cute Puggy, over on Johanna's blog "Stuff I made"
and the shading, wow that really makes the block pop. 
Click picture for Tutorial on Shading your blocks.

The shading is really what caught my eye, even though we're a pugged house, and love all things Pug. 

 I thought it would be too much work at first, but I kept coming back to it.  I figured if I'd put this much work into the quilt so far, I might as well do it right . . . no regrets.

She makes it pretty simple, just do it all assembly line style like you did the blocks.  I used a grey charm pack, and was able to get 6 strip from each. 

Then you just sew your borders on and you are ready to assemble your rows.  I didn't really put too many pins in it, because with all the seams on the back it was hard to line it up.  So I would just use my hand and hold it back to make sure my seams lined up.

Viola!!! Quilt top is done.  Now wasn't that fun!!!!  

I then quilted it, and put another leaf fabric on the back, and tabs to hang it.  In order to quilt it, I built this table out of poster board from the dollar store and books, and boxes to hold it up.  Worked great and cost $2. 

 I hope you give a Polaroid quilt a try.  I'll make another blog post for the actual blocks I chose and I made my own paper pieced 2.5" patterns.


Comment below if you have ever made Polaroid block!!!  If you need any motivation let me know.  And now onto the give away. To enter follow me on FB That's Sew Venice and Instagram That' Sew Venice, and then comment below and tell me a few things you're interested in. I'll do a random draw and send the winner 4 blocks to do as you choose :D

Winner will be drawn in the morning Wed Oct 5th , Good Luck!!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Enter the Canada Cups Craftsy Bra tour GIVEAWAYS NOW!!!!!

WHOOHOOOOO!!!!! I hope you're as excited as I am!

Today is the day to enter the giveaways.  Entry starts Sunday at noon, and closes Tuesday at noon.  Winners will be announced Tuesday afternoon, there will be some consolation prizes as well if you don't win, so be sure to check back either way.

Now on to the prizes, our Sponsors have been very generous!!!!   

You can win,
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 Now even if you're convinced you will NEVER make a bra go enter, because any of these prizes would make an awesome gift, but you should totally keep it and make one, trust me it's awesome!!!! 

Have you missed any posts???  Here's a link to my Craftsy Bra Class Review and Demi Bra 
and my interview with Carrie Russell of With Love Lingerie 
The rest are all linked below, go and check up while you're waiting to see if you win!!!! 

So how do you enter?? Simple just click on my boobs!!



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